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Disclaimer & Indemnification

In the following document, TITANIC-ALL, TITANIC-ALL web site and www.titanicmoviememorabilia.com refers to TITANIC-ALL, the details of which are to be found on the TITANIC-ALL on-line web site located at www.titanicmoviememorabilia.com .

TITANIC-ALL, the owners or associates of TITANIC-ALL are in no way responsible to any person or persons for any damages incurred, or that have arisen in any manner, from the use of information or content from TITANIC-ALL. Any person undertaking to use or using information or content from TITANIC-ALL shall assume all risk and/or responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the uses to which this information or content is put.

TITANIC-ALL nor its live owners infer ownership of any visual or audible material that has previously been copyrighted by 20th Century Fox/Paramount Pictures or another party.

This web site and the images of all memorabilia legally owned and maintained by TITANIC-ALL remain ┬ęcopyrighted 1997 - 2009 and beyond by the owners of www.titanicmoviememorabilia.com.

All rights reserved. No part of this web site may be used or copied without the permission of the owners and copyright holders. Items in the TITANIC-ALL collection are NOT for SALE.