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 TITANIC-ALL is by and large a labour of love.
The aim of TITANIC-ALL is not one of commercial profit, but rather personal satisfaction. Certain films appeal to differing individuals for varying reasons. Whatever someone brings to a film experience or takes away from it is purely subjective. On rare occasions, films come along that garner wide-ranging appeal. TITANIC (1997) is definitely one of those films. In fact, its appeal goes beyond wide-ranging to the point of being monumental.
Memorabilia pertaining to TITANIC (1997) took many forms (as seen reflected in the diversity of our collection). Being able to acquire said memorabilia was not an easy task in the early days due to the overwhelming interest in the film and the availability of items in general.
Once the film’s popularity increased, however, so did the demand for items. Prices soured and items disappeared from view into the hands of all and sundry. Once the rush on anything TITANIC started to ease, prices went down and items started to come to the surface. The surfacing has been a slow process ever since. Enthusiasts whose penchant for collecting TITANIC movie memorabilia gradually melted like the snows of yesteryear, sold-off what they had and moved-on to the next passing fad. Die-hards stuck it out, however. Their efforts were rewarded with those acquisitions they managed to unearth over the course of time. Very few enthusiasts embrace collecting TITANIC movie memorabilia as extensively as TITANIC-ALL. At least, that's how we tend to feel in relation to our doggedness to find that elusive item or that rare gem.
TITANIC-ALL’s collection began with the acquisition of the official set of US lobby cards back in early 1998. Since then, hundreds of items have been added so as to form the collection as it exists today. Our spirit for collecting any and all memorabilia associated with the film has yet to be dampened!
Our collection includes items ranging from original move props to theatrical and advertising production material to official and unofficial merchandising to collectables to ephemera and much more! This is only the tip of the iceburg. New items are being added all the time.
We are ALWAYS looking for new and exciting pieces of TITANIC movie memorabilia to add to our collection. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in possession of any items relating to the movie. We’ll collect anything Titanic movie-related, no matter how weird or wonderful!

Please contact us via our web site Contact Page or at titanicmemorabilia@yahoo.com

Let the voyage begin!